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I am known for creating fitness content for PTs, influencers, fitness professionals, and gym owners that gives their Instagram and other social media accounts a boost and makes them look GREAT.


As a practicing personal trainer, I have a deep understanding of the body physique, the right angles, and how to use the lighting to make you look like the Greek body god & goddess that you are.

Providing creative direction is what I enjoy doing and I am happy to help you with that. 

I can create ready-to-post videos, reels, posts, and stories that will catch the audience's eye and be memorable. 


creative direction& storytelling

Planning and advising on where to shoot, how to shoot, and what to shoot. Full support during the shoot to help you pose, act and achieve the storytelling that converts.

video & photo shoots

Planning & running photo and video shoots, inclusive of lighting and all necessary equipment with the highest quality camera and lenses for the professional effect you are after.

video & photo editing

Professional video editing which is in line with your brand, expectations, and budget. Delivery of ready to use content which is ready to post on your SM channels, webiste, etc.

My story as videographer

How did it all start? 

What if I told you it started in Afghanistan? 


In 2010, I was deployed to participate in the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) peace support operations and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan for 6 months. 


My commanders advised our team to find a way to keep ourselves sane and away from combat boredom. My way was learning videography & photography. I started by documenting our experience there through the lens of my camera. At first, I was self-learning online, and after coming back I completed a professional film production course. From there, the passion evolved to something more professional. The army recognised my talent, and I started creating videos such as army events highlight videos & recruitment videos. I participated in many National Day Parades helping with media creation and was appointed a Head of Media for NDP 2015. 

Throughout my time in the army, I also participated and competed in multiple fitness events, such as half-marathon (x3), obstacle races, and army cross-fit challenge. 


Then a thought had sparked - why not bring the two together...?


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